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Coconut Merchant

Everything. Ethically. Coconut.

AT Coconut Merchant supporting farmers is the ultimate objective of what they do, they try and get as close to farmers and farmers' cooperatives as possible, and work hard to make sure they get a fair price for their produce. They currently partner and source from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. While there are different models they have in each location, the spirit of what they are aiming for is the same and enshrined in our Sourcing and Environmental Policies.
Coconut Merchant has the World’s largest range of coconut products. They strive to create high quality, natural products that taste delicious! All the products are ethically sourced working collaboratively with farmers to develop new products that we get to bring to customers all over the world.
They love finding healthy, natural products for our customers to enjoy and to share with their families and friends. They love making a positive impact on our farmers. Giving them a sustainable income, so they can provide for their families, plan for the future and help support their communities.

Coconut Merchant
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