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Dentinox Baby Teething Gel 15g (Pack of 3)

Out of stock
Dentinox Baby Teething Gel 15g (Pack of 3)

When babies are cutting new teeth, many of them will experience some discomfort. Sometimes, it can be quite distressing for baby and that's distressing for you too, especially when it leads to sleepless nights and troublesome feeding times.

Naturally, when baby's miserable, all you want to do is help which is why Dentinox Teething Gel proves reassuring.

All you need to do to ease discomfort, is to rub a little of the pleasant tasting gel onto baby's gums with a clean fingertip or cotton wool. What a relief - for you and for baby.

  • Suitable from birth
  • Numbs pain
  • Helps eliminate infection
  • Pleasant tasting
  • Sugar-free
  • Always read the label.

Some teeth come through with no trouble; in other cases, the gum may be sore and red where the tooth is pushing through.

Signs of teething include dribbling, gnawing and chewing a lot. Of course, if baby's also tearful and reluctant to feed, it's likely that teething is proving uncomfortable.

It can be helpful to give baby something quite firm to chew on. Teething rings that can be cooled in the fridge can be soothing.

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