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Igennus MindCare Balance - 30+30 Capsules

Out of stock
Igennus MindCare Balance - 30+30 Capsules

MindCare BALANCE - stay relaxed | 30 + 30 capsules

MindCare BALANCE is an advanced nutrition supplement formulated to help people with busy and demanding lifestyles stay relaxed and keep on top of life. Targeted dual capsules provide key nutrients proven to support the central nervous system and promote thyroid & normal psychological function. This specialised formulation brings together pure, ultra concentrated omega-3 EPA & DHA, magnesium glycinate, L-Theanine & essential micronutrients. Chosen for their synergistic benefits, the ingredients in MindCare BALANCE offer unprecedented bioavailability for brain and central nervous system support.

Each box provides a 1-month supply.

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