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Optima Health Glucosamine Joint Complex Gel 125ml

Out of stock
Optima Health Glucosamine Joint Complex Gel 125ml

Product Description

The item for sale is: Optima Glucosamine Joint Complex Gel 125ml (with FREE UK DELIVERY).

Joint complex gel is a carefully designed formulation that may help to maintain healthy joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Optima's glucosamine joint complex gel with added aloe vera, devil. s claw, msm, menthol and essential oils aims to help maintain joint mobility and flexibility.

The gel contains glucosamine sulphate, a naturally occurring substance, found in cartilage and connective tissue. Glucosamine joint complex gel is formulated to maximise the properties of each individual ingredient, allowing them to work in synergy.

Initial application creates a pleasant cooling effect due to the menthol content, whilst the essential oils aid circulation to the skin resulting in a warming sensation. Optima joint complex gel smells pleasantly fresh, is non greasy and absorbs immediately.

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