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Pulsin! Deliciously addictive, packed full of feel good nutritional goodness and balanced with the right amount of super ingredients to power you through the day and keep you fuller for longer, their award-winning range of tasty snack bars, protein powders, keto products and shakes are perfect for everyday eating and drinking.
Their entire range is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, with the majority being plant based too. Each range is expertly crafted by our in-house team of nutrition and flavour boffins and goes through rigorous taste testing by the office team.
So whether you’re looking for a filling breakfast, a pre/post workout protein boost, an on-the-go pick me up, something to curb your hunger pangs or simply want a snack for a guilt-free treat yourself moment, we’ve got a product that hits the spot and is guaranteed to leave you feeling good.

Pulsin = Feel Good Nutrition

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