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Rainforest Foods Organic Maca Root 5:1 500mg 120 Capsules

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Rainforest Foods Organic Maca Root 5:1 500mg 120 Capsules

Rainforest Foods Organic Superfoods

Rainforest Foods Organic Gelatinised Maca Root 5:1 Capsules 500mg - 120 Capsules

A blend of four different Lepidium chacon roots from Peru, equivalent to 2500mg

Maca is a plant grown in the Peruvian Andes over 4000m above sea level. Its root and hypocotyl - the bulbous stem below the leafy growth - have for centuries been part of the diet and culture of people in the region. Legend says that Incan warriors consumed it prior to battle to increase their fighting spirit. It includes a broad spectrum of nutrients, and is increasingly popular with athletes.

There are several slightly-differing varieties of Maca root, all with different colours. Maca can be cream, yellow-gold, green, red, purple, grey or black. These have the same basic nutritional profile, but they show small differences in the proportions of secondary phytonutrients they contain. Scientific study has begun to confirm the established dietary opinion that different colours of Maca have slightly different beneficial properties. Rainforest Foods Maca capsules contain a blend of 4 different phenotypes of Lepidium peruvianum Chacon - a specific type of maca - designed to provide optimal general nutrition. These are red, yellow, purple and black.

Rainforest Foods Maca is cultivated in Peru, at high altitude (over 4000m). The growing season is eight months long, which gives time for the nutrients to develop fully. A further three months is given to a natural, open-air drying process. The dried roots are cleaned and broken into small pieces. These are then processed (gelatinised) to reduce the starch content, making the nutrients more easily absorbed by the human body and more concentrated. This finished Maca powder contains the full array of nutrients Maca offers, but with reduced starch. It takes over 5kg of Maca root to make 1kg of our Maca root 5:1 powder. Each 500mg capsule contains the equivalent of 2500mg of maca root.

The powder is encapsulated in the UK by a leading GMP (Good Marketing Practice)-registered pharmaceutical manufacturer. Rainforest Foods capsule shells are made from HPMC, a plant-based cellulose material, approved for vegetarian and vegan use by the Vegetarian Society, and Halal and Kosher-certified. The capsules are 100% pure, using no fillers, binders or bulking agents. Each capsule contains nothing but 500mg of gelatinised 5:1 Maca Root powder.

  • Each capsule contains 500mg of 5:1 organic gelatinised Maca powder (Lepidium peruvianum Chacon) which is the equivalent of 2500mg of Maca root.
  • A blend of four different Lepidium chacon roots from Peru, clinically proven to offer therapeutic benefits.
  • Capsules are vegetarian-friendly and 100% pure, containing only organic Maca root powder.
  • Certified organic by the Soil Association.
  • Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society.
  • Rainforest Foods will donate funds to Rainforest Concern for every pack sold.
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