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Scholl Flight Socks Sheer 2 Pairs of natural Size 4-6

Out of stock
Scholl Flight Socks Sheer 2 Pairs of natural Size 4-6

Product Description

Scholl Flight Socks


When blood flow is slow or sluggish, as can happen in poorly performing leg veins, your leg muscles compensate by helping to power blood up your legs to the heart. However, if your movements are restricted for a period of time, such as sitting without moving for a long period of time, your ankles may swell and your legs ache. There may also be a low risk of a deep vein thrombosis or blood clot forming if you are at special risk.

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The risk of DVT is low, but you can help reduce it by wearing Scholl Flight Socks or Scholl Flight Socks Sheer. Take every opportunity to leave your seat and move around, or flex your shoulders feet and ankles when this isn't possible. Drinking plenty of water and wearing loose clothing is a good idea.

It's also worth avoiding caffeine or alcohol, not allowing the backs of your calves to press up against your seat or using footrests that leave your feet dangling.


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot that forms in the veins of the legs, usually the calf. The blood in your legs has to overcome the effects of gravity in order to return to your heart. To help with this, the muscles of the legs act as a pump as you walk around. If you spend a long time not using your legs, sitting in cramped conditions where dehydration is likely, circulatory problems can occur. This includes swollen ankles, tired or aching legs or more serious conditions, such as a DVT.

These conditions are well discussed because of the associated cause of being on board aeroplanes.

Scholl Flight Socks are medically proven to help prevent DVT by helping to improve blood flow. Designed for continuous comfort, they effectively help relieve tired aching legs and swollen ankles so that you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and your legs feel revitalised. Scholl Flight Socks are ultra soft, have a comfort top and look and feel like normal socks.

  • Compression level 14-17 mmHg (18.7-22.7hPa).
  • Fibre Content: 80% Polymide, 20% Elastane.
  • Antimicrobial protection keeps feet fresh and odour free.
  • Endorsed by ABTA.
  • Aviation Health Institue approved.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Scholl Flight Socks are designed to be worn in place of normal socks throughout your entire journey. Always wear both socks and ensure they are pulled up to just below the knee. A detailed information leaflet is included in the pack, please keep the leaflet for future reference. WARNING: If you are suffering from, or have a previous history of, blood clots, a blood clotting disorder, heart or circulatory problems (e.g. arterial or venous insufficiency), diabetes, severe varicose veins, cancer, reduced mobility or if you have recently undergone major surgery or are pregnant, you should consult a healthcare professional about the suitability of the product. Scholl recommends you measure your calf a
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