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Seaband Wrist Band for Children -Assorted colour band

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Sea-Band Nausearelief One Child Pair Comforting Acupressure Bands 3-12 Years Including: Motion Sickness Chemotherapy Related Nausea Post Operative Nausea We understand the excitement of travel can sometimes be spoilt for your children when nausea strikes. Sea-Band Nausea Relief wristbands are a clinically proven, drug free solution to alleviate symptoms of all forms of Motion Sickness. They can also help relieve Chemotherapy and Post Operative related symptoms of nausea and vomiting. A plastic stud in each band exerts pressure on the Nei-Kuan acupressure point on the wrists, helping to relieve symptoms of nausea. Sea-Band Nausea Relief wristbands can be used on their own or with drugs, with no known contra-indications.


Sea-Band For Travel Sickness and all forms of Nausea


Colour may vary

The Sea-Band has been clinically tested against nausea and vomiting in travel, pregnancy, anaesthesia, chemotherapy and all conditions which induce nausea.

The Sea-Band is a knitted elasticated wrist band, which operates by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on each wrist by means of a plastic stud. Because the bands do not use drugs, they do not cause any of the side effects associated with anti-nausea drugs and can be worn on each wrist whenever you feel nauseous. They are suitable for adults and children.

The Sea-Band may be washed up to five times with a mild detergent in warm water without losing its elasticity.

Come in assorted colours - please specify your choice if any. Otherwise colour will be sent in random.

  • Medicines
  • Sea-Band
  • A drug free answer to sickness Clinically tested recommended by healthcare experts Natural relief Re-usable
  • Container: Box
    Container Size: 2 Bands

    Fibre Content: Nylon, Elastane, (No Latex)

    Read the instructions for use inside.

    You need to wear the two bracelets at the same time.

    Position the plastic tab so that it exerts pressure on the Nei-Kuan point (Point P6) of each wrist. To find it, place the 3 middle fingers on the hollow of the wrist. This point is located under the index finger and between the two central tendons.

    Wear a bracelet on each wrist for 5 days continuously and for as long as needed.

    Indication: To relieve nausea related to pregnancy, naturally and without drugs.

    Read the instructions for use inside.

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