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SunSense Anti-Ageing Face SPF50 Sunscreen - 100 ml

Out of stock
SunSense Anti-Ageing Face SPF50 Sunscreen - 100 ml

SunSense Anti-ageing Face SPF 50+

SunSense Anti-ageing Face sun cream contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and combines the anti-ageing benefits of glycolic acid with SPF 50+ broad spectrum protection to leave skin feeling fresh and youthful.

SPF 50+, UVA and UVB broad spectrum

Dual-purpose action protection from the sun and premature ageing

Helps protect against premature ageing from sun exposure

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Oil-free base ideal for combination and oily skin

Suitable for everyday use

Available in a 100ml bottle

Contains vitamin E and 3% niacinamide, found to help improve the skin's elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and is fragrance free

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