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Thermoskin Elastic Wrist Wrap One Size Fits Most

Out of stock
Thermoskin Elastic Wrist Wrap One Size Fits Most

Elastic Wrist Wrap


One size fits most, ambidextrous wrap design with velcro closure allows for a comfortable, adjustable fit/support for weak and injured wrists.


Place thumb through the hole and wrap the piece around the outside of your hand/wrist area. Fasten the velcro to secure the wrap.

Injury List:

  • Compression and support for weak and injured limbs


One size fits most people


Thermoskin is a range of therapeutic supports developed for the simple and effective treatment of pain and injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments. It combines support and naturally generated body heat and is a clinically tested, drug-free alternative offering pain relief and improved mobility.

Like other supports that are available, Thermoskin products use a highly supportive outer material, but we combine this tried and tested material with an entirely new and unique lining, Trioxon.

Trioxon provides three main benefits:

  1. Trioxon assists in the retention of the body?s natural heat (typically increasing skin temperature by up to 2C), thus promoting healing
  2. The construction of Trioxon allows for much improved ventilation and perspiration control at the affected site. The wearer therefore remains comfortable, and can enjoy the benefits of Thermoskin for longer
  3. Its crush-resistant fibres give Thermoskin supports greater strength and durability

Effective treatment for:

  • Arthritis pain
  • RSI
  • Sports injuries
  • Strains and sprains


  • Promotes heat retention and healing
  • Firm, comfortable fit
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric allows free ventilation
  • Anatomically shaped for improved fitting
  • Washable
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