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Weleda Chamomilla 3X Granules 15g

Out of stock
Weleda Chamomilla 3X Granules 15g

Product Description

The item for sale is: Weleda Chamomilla 3X Granules 15g (with FREE UK DELIVERY).

Chamomilla 3X Drops and Granules for colicky pain and teething. Chamomilla 3X Drops: An anthroposcopic medicine for the relief of colicky pain, and teething troubles in infants. Weleda medicines were developed by doctors practising anthroposcopic medicine, to provide an extension to the conventional medicines available to them. The anthroposcopic approach to medical care is a holistic one, which aims to treat the whole person and not just the illness or symptoms. The main aim of anthroposcopic medicine is to stimulate the natural healing forces within the human being. It has developed from the initial work of Dr Rudolf Steiner and Dr Ita Wegman which explored how man's soul and spiritual nature relates to the health and function of the physical body.

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