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Zero Noodles - Konjac Shirataki Noodle 200g (Pack of 15)

Out of stock
Zero Noodles - Konjac Shirataki Noodle 200g (Pack of 15)

Product Description

Zero Noodles (also known as shirataki noodles) are very low carbohydrate, low calorie, gelatinous traditional Japanese noodles. Zero Noodles are made from a soluble fibre called glucomannan that comes from the root of the konjac plant. Glucomannan is proven to control blood sugar, improve cholesterol control, and assist in weight loss. It is a really fantastic substitute for other pasta and noodles. Zero Noodles are ideal if you are following a low carbohydrate and high protein diet like the Dukan and Atkins diet. Zero Noodle contains no soy, gluten, or wheat!

Nutritional Information


Pure konjac flour (glucomannan), water, calcium additive.


Drain and rinse the Zero Noodles thoroughly. Leave in hot water for 1 minute – do not overcook. Add to dish or stir-fry. If you would like to know what Zero noodles are and their health benefits please click here.
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